What’s reality – real and unreal

What’s reality – real and unreal

People caged up, like laboratory mice,
Made to perform, and then sacrificed.
Others dying of bombs and disease~
What’s reality, and what’s real? Please,
Please tell me this, how should I feel?
Or maybe it’s part of some political deal?
Please help me, Lord, help me get by,
When I need to feel emotion, please make me cry.

Bleach my hair and pierce my nose,
Drape myself in the latest clothes,
Inflate my lips and boost my bust,
Daddy’s there to earn my crust,
Don’t like to dwell on people in need,
Want Eminem to be my creed.
But just one plea, O Spirit up high,
When I need to feel emotion, please let me cry. 

You want to be yourself, so why be stereotypic?
I should make you paralysed, blind or arthritic,
Care for others, and it’ll be returned,
Help mend the world ~ love can’t be learned.
Find out what’s important, before you die,
Start to feel emotion, and how to cry.

The Third world’s their world, it’s not mine,
If I shut my eyes, I’ll feel just fine.
Focus on looks, fashion and make-up,
The latest home furnishings and DVD take-up,
I feel sympathetic to deprivation,
But just how bad is this starvation?
It’s not a lot to ask, don’t ask me why,
When I need to feel emotion, just help me cry.

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