Meaning of life – now and tomorrow

Meaning of life – now and tomorrow

Meaning of Life – Now and Tomorrow

I met a man, who lived for today,
In existential rhythm and play.
He said:
You have to live one day at a time,
Forget about tomorrow, and you’ll be fine,
Travel the road in any direction,
Live for now with no protection.

Don’t hide behind forlorn disguises,
Fill your life with small surprises,
Travel the land and seek no prizes.
One sun dies and another one rises,
One bird soars and another one dives,
Its through love – the world survives.

I met a man, who played the long game,
He believed in children, and he believed in fame.
He said:
Life’s a lease to be filled with things,
Like fulfilment and love, and whatever chance brings.
But at the end of the day, what’s left behind?
It’s not body, and it’s not mind.
‘Cos you know life’s a zero sum game,
You go back to where you came.
The only addition to life’s ways and means –
Is knowledge and genes.
Knowledge and genes, that’s the way it seems,
Knowledge and genes.

Tell the truth and confront all lies,
See the world through your own eyes,
One baby sleeps, and another one cries,
One man lives, and another one dies.

One life, one death,
One last gasp, one first breath,
The heartbeat of one generation,
Gets passed on to the next.

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